Slow Cooking Beef Recipes

slow cooking beef recipes

    slow cooking
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Slow Cooked Beef Winter Stew: Part Three

Slow Cooked Beef Winter Stew: Part Three

Another one I made up on the spot. I got a load of stewing steak from Leicester Market (along with some sausages left over from the weekend) - Cut up some tatties, leeks, mushrooms, carrots, onions and whatever else I could find in the fridge.

The steak was fried off with some red wine and the lot of it (including all the juices) were put in a big pot. Added the beef stock (we got from M&S - posh, not at all needed) and added some cumin, chilli powder, LOTS of GARLIC CLOVES (It's just wrong) and some mixed herbs.

Make sure all the veg is covered by liquid, if not, add a bit of water (I added half a pint) and then I added a jar of tomato and chilli pasta sauce (we'd ran out of tinned toms)

Once all the veg had started to reduce - popped a lid slightly and cooked a lowish heat for 2 hours. This was all because we craved stew too late in the day to get the slow cooker out!

Beef Stew

Beef Stew

Beef Stew made in a slow cooker. I cooked it with beef stock but I topped it up with water because I was afraid it would dry out. In the end I had to reduce the sauce. Very good for throwing whatever I had in the fridge! The beef ribs wasn't bad in a stew, almost melting and falling off the bone. They were a bit on the fatty side though.

It also had a tin of tomatoes, carrots, celery, baby onions, bay leaf and olives.

I served it with steamed cabbage to provide a foil for he richness.

slow cooking beef recipes

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